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About Us

Click 4 Jewellery is an online site for selling and buying jewelry both new and pre-owned, items can be entered for auction with or without a reserve or on offered for sale at a fixed price, and also you have the option of also being able to allow buyers to put offers to you for the item.

The platform allows both buyers and sellers to reach a wider audience than would normally be available to them.

We offer extensive advertising for your jewellery as follows:

Bing Search

Free listings and all sales under £250.00 are free 

For sales above £250.00 the following fees will be charged on sales no sale no fee.

£0-£250 Free

£250-£500 £20

£500-£550 £30

£550-£1000 £40

£1000-£2000 £80

£2000-£3000 £95

£3000-£5000 £145

£5000-£7000 £175

£7000-£10,000 £225

£10,000-£50,000 £250